Is Your Cottage Protected For The Winter Months Ahead?

Thursday Nov 18th, 2021



Have You Protected Your Cottage For The Winter Months Ahead?



There is nothing worse than returning to your cottage property in the spring with a few surprises! It has happened to me… so don’t forget these important steps!


Water Lines, Plumbing & Hot Water Tanks:

  • Drain out the water and then shut off the main water valve. Some people pour antifreeze in their drains and fixtures. Seek a local professional plumber for advice and guidance. Or even better, there are companies that will do this for you. 



  • Pack up any food that will spoil over the winter. I usually take just about everything home. Including beverages & alcohol.



  • Remove all food and leave doors slightly open. I usually give it a good clean and place a couple of boxes of baking soda in to keep it fresh over the winter months.


Winterize & Prepare Your Septic/Holding System:

  • Check with the manufacturer and your local expert for the best way to protect your system over the winter. Once again, there are usually local businesses that offer this service. 


Rodent Proof Main Cottage & Storage Sheds:

  • Annually do an audit to see where small rodents and insects may have the urge to seek warmth. Check around soffits, rooflines, doors, windows, screen doors, etc. 
  • Be sure to remove birdseed and pet food. I've had a determined red squirrel chew through a Bunkie door and a thick Rubbermaid to have a snack of birdseed!


  • Most docks need to be taken out of the water to avoid damage from the ice

Patio Furniture & Cottage Toys:

  • Stack and cover all patio and loose furniture
  • Store cushions and soft textiles indoors
  • Deflate all inflatables and store them in a dry rodent-proof place


Boats & Personal Watercraft:

  • Winterize Engines as needed
  • Remove lifejackets and personal belongings. Rodents LOVE nesting in life jackets for warmth

Clean Stoves, Fireplaces, & Barbecues:

  • Follow manufacturer's instructions
  • Clean & cover if required
  • Turn off Gas Lines where needed
  • Seek expert advice


Main Power Supply/Unplugging All Appliances:

  • Some people turn off the main power for the season. Reach out to your local expert electrician for advice on your property.


For more detailed information - please check out this article from The Federation of Ontario Cottager's Associations:

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