Should You Sell Your Home First Or Buy First?

Monday Dec 13th, 2021


If you Sell first - what if you don't find a home you like in time?

If you Buy first - what happens if the market changes and your home does not sell?


You don't want to be stuck carrying two homes. Two mortages. Two sets of bills! Or even worse, end up getting sued by one of the other parties because now they cannot move either!


Nerve-racking! But it is not impossible to have a successful and seamless move.


BUT - planning and making this decision is a VERY important one to ensure it goes smoothly. This will depend on a few factors...


1. Your finances

2. The market conditions

3. Your family situation

4. Your moving timeline


The best solution is buying and selling simultaneously. But can be tricky and depending on the above.


There is always a risk that the closing dates won't line up. Checking with your lender to see if there is flexibility with moving dates is important - AHEAD OF TIME. Worst case scenario would mean temporary housing like a rental or staying with family or friends.


We are here to help you through these decisions and plan a successful and stress-free move.


Please note the content provided is for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal or other professional advice of any kind.

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